Making an Impact


Thank you so much for providing an ultrasound machine for our recent medical mission trip to Uganda, Africa. What a blessing it was to be able to provide diagnostic ultrasound imaging as a part of this comprehensive and wide-ranging service to these under-served people on the other side of the world.

Our group left Nashville on September 13th to embark on a 9-day mission in the back country of southern Uganda. Our aim was to pair the gospel and our medical service to show the love of Christ to any and all who had needs. We served on the campus of an orphanage, and our clinic reached many surrounding villages and towns as people got word that the medical clinic had set up again (as it does annually).

Our team set up the clinic on Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning at 8am we already had a long line of Ugandans patiently waiting outside of the triage tent.

I think for most of us, the first day went by fast, like when a busy day at work goes by fast. But though Monday was hopping, Tuesday was even more so as the local villagers had heard. The feeling at the end of each day was an odd combination of being drained physically yet filled up emotionally and spiritually.

One day, we saw a young lady with acute right lower quadrant pain and fever symptoms. Our ultrasound exam revealed some troubling findings; she had a moderate amount of free pelvic fluid that had the appearance of blood. Our nurses and providers immediately laid her down in one of our rooms and began IV fluids and meds. We transported her to the hospital in the back of an SUV. She was barely conscious when we arrived. We pulled into the ambulance bay and they loaded her onto the gurney and into the trauma bed. We were able to get her hooked up to oxygen and put on basic monitoring. They got a blood sample from her and continued giving her fluids. There were two foreign doctors, one American, one Australian who were there doing teaching. We talked with the American doctor while the Australian doctor did some bedside teaching. After we left, they got a positive urine pregnancy test from her, and that was enough evidence to make them think she had an ectopic pregnancy. She went to surgery that day. She had been several weeks along in the pregnancy so her fallopian tube had ruptured. They gave her two units of blood (which was a miracle because they maintain a very strict threshold and reserve blood only for those with very low counts.) By the next day, she was awake and feeling much better. Her sister was able to bring her 5 month old baby to come visit her. By the following Sunday, she was able to attend church where she announced she had accepted Jesus Christ.

In all, our clinic saw 1700 patients over 6 days. We pulled teeth; tested vision; gave out free sunglasses and prescription glasses; had six providers diagnosing and treating; performed and interpreted EKG and ultrasound; had a modest lab; provided wound care and ortho equipment; performed some non-invasive procedures like abscess drain; and our pharmacy dispensed many medicines - and all of this free to any and all who came. Every patient received a gospel message preached by a local minister. What an honor it was to be a part of serving these good people!

Thank you, Tenvision, for helping us to be the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you for your generosity in helping the gracious people of Uganda.

Michael Shepherd


Medical Mission Team to Uganda 2019


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Gallatin, TN 37066

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