Four Questions with Kevin

Meet Kevin Gregory, president of Tenvision:

1. You've been in the ultrasound industry for near a quarter of a century; what is the most significant change/enhancement you've seen?

I turned 48 years old earlier this month and now have half of my life, 24 years, in the diagnostic ultrasound industry. The amount of equipment and the cost of the equipment is what first comes to mind when I think about change. When I started out, 3 manufacturers controlled 90%+ of the US market. Each of those had a system that sold around $40,000 and another that sold around $120,000 - that was it. Fast forward to today, you can probably do a search and find no less than 15 ultrasound manufacturers and 100+ options under $50,000 when considering refurbished equipment.

2. Last month you announced a new Lifetime Warranty on all machines. That's a first in our industry. Why did you do it?

Our Lifetime Warranty was born out of listening to clients tell us "the manufacturer has deemed my equipment 'End Of Life'." I said, "what does that mean?" The answer - "they will no longer service my current unit so I need to buy a new unit." We have now helped these clients with a Lifetime Warranty, allowing them to keep the unit as long as they like versus being forced to buy a new ultrasound system. Clients now see they can keep their current equipment much longer than expected.

3. When you receive a call asking for a quote, what is the first question you ask, and why?

The first question is always, what system are you currently using? Understanding the client's situation is crucial to a successful outcome. Getting on the same page about what they like and do not like about the current equipment leads the conversation. If a client does not currently have a system, then the question is "what studies or exams will you be performing?" There is no shortage of ultrasound options out there. At Tenvision, we'll work with you to schedule a demo so you can see 2-3 options live in one afternoon. We know that side-by-side demos are the only way to determine what works best for YOU.

4. What is your philosophy to support and service that makes Tenvision stand out from the crowd?

Service is a reactive process that needs a plan before the event happens. At Tenvision, we provide training for your in house personnel. In addition, we offer field maintenance across the country and our newest platform provides users a live (audio and video) service person within 30-minutes of initial contact. Anywhere in the United States you have access to a high level multi-vendor service company. We not only have the expertise to troubleshoot the issue, we have the parts to make sure you are back up and running ASAP. If you are paying more than $400/month for a service agreement, call us............... (please)

BONUS QUESTION: Anything else you'd like to share?

  1. Buy from a company that has the inventory in house.

  2. Buy from a company that can provide demos for all the equipment you want to see.

  3. Buy from someone you trust can service the equipment for as long as you need them to. Take us up on a FREE trip to Nashville, TN, to see a place that has all the pieces of the puzzle above in place today.

  4. Schedule your demo today!


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