Four Questions with John

Product Specialist John Zentz recently joined the Tenvision team. Apart from being on the road or on our office offering personalized training and device installation, soon you'll be able to catching him sharing tips and instruction on our YouTube channel. Contact John at anytime via email at

John, welcome to Tenvison! What are the responsibilities of a Product Specialist?

The responsibilities of this job can be summed up with one word - education. For me it means understanding the use and function of every machine Tenvision sells and services.  If there is a product or function that I am not familiar with, it is my job to learn it. For my customers it means personalized training and applications support for the people running the machines.  My goal is not just to set the machine up so it can be used, but to teach the people using the machine how to set it up and fully optimize it for the exams they are doing.

What is one piece of advice you would give a sonographer to keep his/her skills sharp?

Get outside your comfort zone.  It is easy to fall into the trap of doing the same exams the same way every day.  Do research and learn what the latest advances are.  No matter what your specialty is, there is something new happening.  The ultrasound societies and meetings are a good start, but go beyond that. One resource I find to be poorly used is the sales reps who come into the office with new devices and medications.  You would be surprised at the nuggets of information you can get by talking to them for a few minutes.  Whether it is a new type of hernia mesh or a new way to install a carotid stent, it all can have an impact on your patients and how you customize your exam to them.

What are the three key factors someone should consider when looking to upgrade equipment?

Be open minded about the manufacturer.  We all have our favorites, be open to giving another brand a shot.  It took me a long time to learn this one... Think to the future.  This is a long term relationship, don't "make do" with the minimum that can do the job. Don't go cheap on transducers by trying to make two transducers do the job of three.  Get the right equipment for the job.

Client support is the foundation of Tenvision. What is your client support philosophy?

Do everything I can to make sure the people using the machines understand how to get the most out of those machines and are happy with the set up and interface. You should never dread going to work because the ultrasound machine is cumbersome and miserable to use.

BONUS QUESTION:  Anything else you'd like to share?

Sit down with your machine and set up those custom presets you keep meaning to get around to doing.  Page through the menus and really learn how to make that machine go.  It is amazing how much time you can save and frustration you can avoid by having the machine fine tuned and working at full potential.


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