Tenvision offers applications training along with education on a range of ultrasound related topics.  Our product specialist, John Zentz, is a licensed sonographer with years of practical experience in hospitals and clinics along with time spent in education.  


All our courses can be held on site, but are also available online in the form of a live video conference.  We have access to many of the same machines in our studio as you are using in your practice and can customize your online training as easily as we can our on site training.


Courses approved for CMEs are available in person (at our site or yours) or can be obtained through live video conferencing.  Classes that do not have CMEs listed have not been submitted to the SDMS for approval.  If you are interested in one of these offerings let us know at least three weeks in advance and CMEs will be applied for.  


Applications and System Optimization: This course has been approved by the SDMS for up to 6 CMEs depending on the content of training received.


Our applications and system optimization course is designed for anyone wanting a more in depth understanding of how to get the most out of their machine.  One major benefit of calling on Tenvision for your applications and optimization training is that we are a multi-vendor facility.  We can train your staff on machines from many different manufacturers, even on the same visit.  


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Course Outline:

1. User Interface - This portion of the training covers the knobs, buttons and touch screen controls used when running the ultrasound machine.

2. Patient Data and Networking - Instruction on setting up your machine on a network to take advantage of PACs and Worklist options.  Also covers data entry and hard drive maintenance.  

3. Exam Presets - How to use default pre-sets and how to make your own custom pre-sets.  

4. Scan Assistant or Protocol driven pre-sets - How to create and use time saving protocol driven pre-sets that help to standardize your exams and minimize button pushes.

5. Equipment Care - Instruction on proper methods of cleaning/disinfecting of the machine and probes.  Discuss cord management and power supply concerns.

6. 3D/4D - Instruction on the usage and optimization of 3D/4D packages available on the machine.  


This course is offered with machines purchased from Tenvision, but as with any of our courses, can be purchased on its own.  This can be especially helpful if your facility has experienced turnover and your new sonographers are not familiar with your machines.


Physiologic Arterial Testing: This course has been approved by the SDMS for up to 3 CMEs depending on the content of training received.


Our physiologic arterial testing course is offered for those wanting instruction on a subset of ultrasound exams that give us physiologic information instead of the anatomic images we normally associate with ultrasound.  The tests included in this course are the acquisition and interpretation of the ABI (ankle/brachial index), resting and exercise Dopplers along with thoracic outlet and Reynaud's testing.  


Carotid Duplex

This course covers the imaging and interpretation of the extracranial carotid arteries.  From patient positioning to diagnostic criteria, this course covers everything your department needs to confidently scan and interpret the carotid arteries.


Hemodialysis Access Duplex

The sonographer's role in evaluating a patient who is receiving hemodialysis is a challenging one.  This course will give you the information needed to approach this complicated subject with confidence.  Topics covered include an overview of dialysis, anatomy of the arterial and venous structures, types of dialysis access (fistula, graft, etc.), sonographic evaluation, diagnostic criteria and surgical revision.

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